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Minesweeper Live Tournament January 2007

Welcome to the site for the first Minesweeper Live Tournament.

January 31st: Congratulations to Rogen who won the tourney! Also to AreOut who lost to him in in the final 10-8, and ElmarZ who finished third.
January 21st: The finals matchups have been posted. Matches start tomorrow, to the best of 10 games.
January 19th: The round-robin stage has been extended - matches should now be completed by 08:00 UTC on Sunday 21st January. Knockout finals matches will commence the next day.
January 4th: The groups for the round-robin stage have been announced.

The qualifying rounds of the tournament will run from Wednesday 10th January to Friday 19th January, with finals being played from Monday 22nd January to Thursday 25th January. Games may be played up to one day later than the dates posted here due to timezone differences.

In the qualifying rounds, players will be placed into 4 groups of as similar size as is possible to play matches in a round-robin format. Players will be seeded based on their ratings as of some time around January 1st. The first 4 seeds will be placed in different groups, the second 4 seeds will be placed in different groups, etc.

Round-robin matches will be a race to win 5 games on expert difficulty, and the winner must have a clear lead of two at the end of the match. So, if the match score is 5-4, then the match is not over until someone leads by two, for example, the final score is 6-4, or 9-7. Knockout stage matches are a race to 10 games on expert difficulty, with the winner required to have a clear lead of two, as above.

If for some reason you come across a problem with the website, both players must private message me asap, or if you can't login, use the contact page on this website (link at the bottom of each page). The round robin results and standings are updated automatically, results in the knockout stage will be updated manually and may take up to a day to process.

During the tournament, you'll see a "Tournament match" option available when you go to play a new game. Click on this button, and you will be shown a list of players who you are scheduled to play - select a player, and your match will start when the other player is ready. You can use the private messaging system to schedule matches. Once you start a match, you must finish it - stopping a match before it is completed will do strange things. If you would like to restart a match, both players must pm admin ASAP.

Players within each group will be ranked firstly by the percentage of matches won out of the matches played; equally ranked players will then be separated by calculating the average game difference (games won minus games lost) per match. I have decided to use this method rather than just using the total matches won and sum of game differences to prevent any skewing of results when matches are not played if someone doesn't turn up (either accidentally or deliberately!)

The top two players from each group that have played at least half of their games (to prevent people from playing one game only and qualifying!) will qualify for the knock-out finals. The second-placed player from a group will be matched up against the top-ranked player from another group in the first stage. Players will then be knocked out round by round until the winner is decided.

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