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If you like this site, then you will probably like Multimine - multiplayer minesweeper which you can play against lots of your friends. There's more strategy involved than just solving the minefield as you all get to play on the same board! So you can de-flag mines, etc.

If you are into the single player Minesweeper community, then visit Planet Minesweeper, and The Authoritative Minesweeper for tips, forums, best times, and the clone.

If you like this site, then please head over to Digg and digg this site. If everyone did this and made the site more popular then there would be more players on this site which means you're more likely to find an opponent, which is good, right?

If you think you have a relevant site that could be added to this list, then use the contact form below and I'll consider linking to you.

Okay, I think I'll stop here...

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