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What is this game?
Well... it's Minesweeper. The numbers indicate how many mines are in neighbouring squares. If you think there is a mine in a square, right click on the square to flag it. If you think the square is safe, left click the square to reveal more of the mine field. If you've already flagged the correct number of neighbouring squares, then middle click the square to do a quick-reveal of all non-flagged squares.

How does multiplayer work?
You're in a race with your opponent. You both get the same mine field, and you both start the game at the same time. First to successfully finish the game wins! As the game progresses, you can see your opponent's progress. The green areas indicate regions of their field that have either been uncovered or flagged. The red areas are yet to be solved.

Is there anything special about the mine fields?
Yes. When you start the game, the largest region of the minefield is revealed automatically to prevent you from uncovering a mine with the first click and accidentally penalising yourself. Also, the mines are placed such that you do not have to guess the location of a mine at any stage, ensuring that the game comes down to skill and not luck.

What happens if I uncover a mine?
You get a penalty of 5 seconds - you can't do anything during this time. After this, the game continues as normal.

How does the rating system work?
The Elo rating system is used. Higher ratings indicate better players. Defeating a player with a high rating provides a bigger boost to your rating than defeating a player with a lower rating. The same rating is used over different difficulty levels.

What happens if someone leaves during a game?
Your ratings are adjusted as if the person who left the game lost the game. No further penalty is imposed.

Are there other modes?
No. There is an alternative multiplayer Minesweeper that exists where instead of racing each other against the clock, you solve the same board cooperatively, which makes it a more tactical game! Visit the Multimine website.

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